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  Name : Jan Borghuis  
  Adres : Jan van Bergenstraat 27  
  City /postal code : Heemskerk 1962 VH  
  Licence : NL: C CEPT class  
  issue date : 07-09-1982  
  expiration date : 15-12-2008  
  Licence ID : 1012815-12815  
  Email :  
  Birth date : 28-juli 1960  
  Lat : 52.5084 N ; 52į 30' 30.41'' N  
  Long :   4.6795 E  ;  4į 40' 46.85''  E  
  grid : JO22im  
  Country : Netherlands  
  Time : Western European
GMT + 1
( summertime = GMT +2 )
  CQ-zone : 14  
  ITU-zone : 27  
  About me ....  
so my name is Jan and I was born in 1960. I live in Heemskerk , a small village close to the Netherlands coastline. Itís about 20 km west of Amsterdam. I was married in July 1987 to my wife Marja and we have 2 beautiful daughters Carlien and Iris.

I first got my ham license in 1982, as PE1FRW and used this call until the end of 2007. Then I changed it to PB2DX and many radio friends wondered why I did this. Everyone knew me as JanFRW. My interest in radio goes back much further, as a young boy I was fascinated by everything that contained some electronics. Radios, amplifiers, intercoms, FM band transmitters and even CB radio kept me busy and made me study for my radio license.

When I am QRV I do like to have some conversation, and want something more than just exchanging calls and RST. I am not a contester or call-chaser, I can't see the fun in spending hours, waiting in pileups just to mark a prefix or I can stick a marker in a country on the world map. I get more enjoyment out of a conversation where some more information is shared, and sometimes I can chat for more than an hour with someone in for example Spain. Thatís fun, and where amateur-radio is meant for (I think). That doesnít mean I donít like DXing. Especially the lower bands in CW with QRP is fascinating when you make long distance QSOís. When I go on vacation I donít leave my radio at home. A small antenna, my IC706MkiiG and tuner always accompany me wherever I go, and so I am often QRV as DL/ON/LX/PB2DX or F/PB2DX.  

Hope to meet you on any band, feel free to sign my guestbook and leave a nice message. cu gd dx best tu vy73 de jan/pb2dx SK ee.






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